GyneFix® is a very small frameless copper containing intrauterine device (IUD) with a duration of action of five years, that is over 99% effective at preventing pregnancy. It is smaller than any other IUD. The size of an IUD is closely related to the side effects it causes, so that smaller devices are better tolerated, with less effect on the amount of menstrual blood loss.

GyneFix® is available in two versions, GyneFix® 200 (four copper sleeves) and GyneFix® 330 (six copper sleeves). GyneFix® does not increase menstrual blood loss in most patients due to it's small size. This is an advantage over conventional IUDs that can induce heavy periods and cause pain and discomfort. Heavy menstrual bleeding is the most common cause for the removal of an IUD.

GyneFix® is a precision intrauterine contraceptive device.


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In his clinic in Ghent, Dr. Wildemeersch organizes training sessions for doctors from inside and outside Belgium, interested in learning the anchoring technique of frameless intrauterine devices.
The clinic is specialized in providing precision intrauterine contraception to fulfill women's needs.