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Femilis Cu-300 (Development)

It is a T-shaped copper-releasing IUD (left) derived from the T-shaped Femilis® LNG-IUS and the frameless copper IUD, GyneFix®. The copper cylinders are open to the endometrial environment, therefore releasing a high amount of copper ions to prevent fertilization. The IUD is significantly smaller than the T-shaped® IUD, with shorter retention arm as well as stem. The device is therefore more suitable for the smaller uterine cavities of nulliparous women. Insertion is easily and safely accomplished by pushing the device in the uterine cavity (push-in technique). Provider training is therefore limited. The inserter tube is only 3 mm in diameter.

In his clinic in Ghent, Dr. Wildemeersch organizes training sessions for doctors from inside and outside Belgium, interested in learning the anchoring technique of frameless intrauterine devices.
The clinic is specialized in providing precision intrauterine contraception to fulfill women's needs.