Precision insertion, like precision in minimally invasive or in more complex surgery, is a consideration each one of us should make. Too often young women discontinue the use of an IUD or IUS, long before its expiry date. Clinical trials and clinical practice suggest that the majority of young women using the GyneFix® are satisfied users who will continue to use the device for the full lifespan of the IUD. The single most important prerequisite is to learn to properly insert the anchor.

Below is an invitation for training. Colleagues can also come to Ghent either for practical training in the HUT uterine model or for live insertion. After successfully completing training, doctors will receive certification proving their proficiency with GyneFix insertion procedure.

Contact us and request a training

In his clinic in Ghent, Dr. Wildemeersch organizes training sessions for doctors from inside and outside Belgium, interested in learning the anchoring technique of frameless intrauterine devices.
The clinic is specialized in providing precision intrauterine contraception to fulfill women's needs.